Sunday, January 13, 2008

The rains came down and the floods came up...

So, if you read my 5 things to accomplish...number 3 is particularly ironic. So is number 4 for that matter. (Thanks for the comments by the way.)

Remember how I said I couldn't live under the bridge because the river is too unpredictable?

Last Monday, my sister and I spent the night at the river cottage with Baxter and Aurelio. Tuesday morning neighbors woke us up to tell us the river was flooding and we needed to move our cars. Well, to make a long story short, by about 9:30 we were escaping through the bedroom window into the canoe that Martin had moved just days before. We canoed through the yard, and up to the road which at this point was probably under 3 feet of water. We got pretty far upstream, but the river was moving so fast I couldn't paddle upstream anymore. We got the boat stuck in the corn field and eventually we were rescued by Sam (the man we bought the house from) and then were super rescued by the Sherrif rescue boat. So far as I know, it's a national disaster area now, so that means we'll get some personal interaction with FEMA.

I got to go back in the house yesterday and it was just a disaster. The furniture is all overturned...even the refrigerator was knocked over. My sister and I both lost our cars. That's a bummer. My computer was nearly 5 feet off the ground and it was water logged. My Molly doll was safe though up on a really high shelf. I'll admit, she's my most prized possession and I'm delighted that she was safe.

Tomorrow's a new day. Mom is going up and will see what's salvagable. I bet a lot of things can be washed because the mold hasn't set in yet. I got a new camera (number 4....check!) and a new computer. American Red Cross was really nice and gave me a voucher for new eye glasses. Plus they gave me a debit card to help out with clothes, shoes and food. They also made me get a tetnus shot. I'm grateful, but now my arm is killing me! Feels like I got punched by Bruce Lee!

I'm still going back to Ireland on Tuesday. It's hard to leave the situation as it is and not be around to help with the clean-up. It's hard to leave anyway! It will be good to be back in Ireland, that's for sure.


Holly said...

I'd like to say "Unbelievable!" but, my parents are under the same water a little ways away. Lake overflowed, since it was frozen, canals did the same. Half of the houses on the island are underwater. Thankfully ours wasn't. Hope it get sorted out. Talk to you in a few weeks in Ireland. Have a great trip

H said...

Wow! I had no idea that you were affected by all of the flooding. I'm so glad you and your family are safe. Hope the flight back to Ireland is delightfully uneventful! -Hannah :)

Ger said...

Goodness Tusarebecca, I'm only getting to read blogs today as I've been busy. You poor things with that flood disaster, and you had to get new clothes etc. Hope you get sorted soon.

Mary said...

Well Tusa-Rebecca what an adventure. Glad you made it out. Looking forward to seeing you back in Dublin at the knitting group.