Sunday, February 04, 2007

I earned the right...

So I think it's safe to call myself a colts fan. Let's be honest...I haven't had much interest in the game until recently but hear me out. It's 3am here in Portugal and the game just got over. I may have been the only person in all of Portugal with a Colts t-shirt on. Katharine is from Chicago, so we pretended we were rivals even though she could have cared less. The game was on some Eurosport channel and was broadcast in Portuguese. Do you know how much you have to pay attention to a game when there's no one there to tell you what's going on? Also, unlike all my American friends, I had to watch the guys stand around on the field during each time out and during each commercial break. When there was a commercial it was one of two...there's some handball tournament coming up and something about soccer. Not exactly the $2.6 million commercials you were watching. The other thing I missed out on was the Superbowl food. No chips and velveeta chili cheese dip...not even a coke. I had some Oreos and Katharine had a bag of low fat chips. Yum. So all I had was the game. That being said...can't I call myself a Colts fan now?

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Angela Hoffman said...

Keep the new posts coming, TusaRebecca! I check back every few days to see if you have something new. I hope you continue to be well and enjoy your time abroad.

Love, Angela