Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm how old?

Best cake on the planet!

Yesterday was my birthday and quite frankly I'm about as surprised by my age as everyone else. And since no one really guesses anywhere close to my actual age, I might as go with it! My mom sent me my favorite cake in the mail. It's pretty much everyone's favorite cake. Not going to lie...I had 3 little pieces of cake within about 30 minutes of opening the box.

The birthday bar.
Being away from friends and family is not so fun. I miss the tradition of all the girls heading down to Indy to watch a horrible old movie like the original Super Man. I miss going out for ice cream with nieces. On the upside, I have gotten lots of mail this week, and who doesn't like mail?!?! And, I am lucky to have made new friends here in Bean Town who helped me celebrate! We had dinner at Hops and Scotch which is an amazing bar and then some chill time at my apartment. I had fun getting to know people a bit better. Sometimes chill is just perfect!

Good things come in pink boxes!
It's been a great year, and I expect this one to be even better!

If you want to know how old I am you can do a few things. Stalk my blog. Or, look up these little pieces of trivia...

Post-It's were invented
Pac Man was released
Macaulay Culkin was born the day after me

This song was released. It's also the last song they played at the end of the night at the bar called Toast in Dublin. I've loved this song ever since. Once some of us goof balls raced like mad to get to Toast before it closed just to get an Erdinger. Made it in time to hear this song! Sigh...more memories.

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