Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baxter's adventures in Boston

Baxter is recovering from a stomach bug. It's pretty sad. I was freaking out, because he's never been sick before. Not really sick anway. He wouldn't eat or drink. Sad...very very sad. The idea of taking him to the vet again was also freaking me out. Since moving here, he's developed some serious allergies. To the point of chewing his feet completely raw. Now he's on really expensive medicine that seems to take care of the problem. Despite two visits to the vet and an episode of the stomach bug, Baxter has had a blast in Boston this summer! It's going to be a summer to remember. We've been doing all the summery things I love to do, but this summer we've been doing it together!

We take 4-5 walks a day depending on my class schedule. Usually a medium to long walk in the morning, a short walk when I first get home from class in the afternoon, a long walk after dinner, and a short to medium walk before bed. Sometimes we run, but it was just too hot for him to run there for a while. Our afternoon walks are almost always interrupted by strangers on the street who want to pet him. Thank goodness he likes kids! I always ask him to sit and he's really chill while the kids hug him and pat him and sometimes whomp on him a bit. The little old ladies love him too. They tend to get a bit nosy. Ask what I'm doing here, how long have I been in the neighborhood, blah blah blah. It's cute though. I don't mind so much. A lot of people remember us and say hello from across the street, or stop and ask how Baxter is adjusting, do I like my courses, have I been to such and such an art exhibit yet, blah blah blah. In turn I can ask kids if they're ready for school, how was camp today, where's the best bagel bakery, where can I get good fish, etc. You'd be surprised how many people have treats in their pockets too. Last night an employee from Trader Joe's stopped to pet Baxter and pulled a treat out of his pocket. These are the things that make me feel like I live in Small-ville.

Here's proof of our adventures...

New York State gets the award for most beautiful rest stops. This stop had a lovely view of Lake Chautauqua. Baxter got a lot of attention at these stops.

The move was a bit harder on Baxter than I expected. He seemed utterly confused and wasn't so thrilled with the noises of city life when we first got here. The doggy playmate of the year was Baxter's security blanket when we first moved in. He was never long without her. Now he's moved on to Bessie the cow, but he occasionally has an affair with the Playmate.

He's been to Fish Pier. One guy said Baxter could go out on the boat if he got a hair cut first. Evidently the guy thought Baxter's bangs were a little too hipster for a fishing boat.

Baxter helps me remember to mail letters home. I usually clip anything that needs to go to the mailbox on his leash. That way I remember while we're out an about. The little yellow flower on his leash has a key in it. I may or may not have gotten locked out of my apartment a few times during the first few days. Can't remember everything!

 On of our favorite places in the whole city is Brookline Booksmith. This bookstore is everything you want a bookstore to be! There are even ladders along the walls! And of course it's dog friendly. One of the many places that will give Baxter a treat. He's got these places figured out and often goes right up to the shop door as if he's asking to go inside. The bookstore is open fairly late, so when it was really hot out we would look at books and cool off a bit.

 These are the silly booties that Baxter wore when his allergies were really bad. He didn't seem to mind, but he looked like a big doofus. He'll have to wear them in the winter, but all the other dogs will be wearing them too.

The butcher down the street sells dog bones for cheap. I've never seen Baxter get so primal! It was disgusting. I don't think he'll get bones very often. Still cool that the butcher has them!

J.P. Licks has awesome ice cream. They have water outside for dogs and they sell "cow paws" for dogs. A "cow paw" includes a scoop of a dairy free, peanut butter and something else flavored sorbet with little home made dog biscuits instead of sprinkles. Pretty darn cute if you ask me, and Baxter really likes them!

Baxter would prefer to be the only dog in town, but we're working on that. He has a therapist/dog trainer who worked with us a few times. Helped sooooo much! Now he doesn't mind other dogs so much anymore so long as they aren't sharing the sidewalk with us. It's a bit of a bummer since there are a few awesome dog parks in the neighborhood. Fortunately, they're often empty. He's always happy when he gets to run around without a leash!

We've also taken the ferry boat to an island off the coast of Maine. This deserves a whole post of it's own! Awesome weekend! He even had his own ferry ticket and the ticket master gave me a handful of treats to keep Baxter happy while we waited for the ferry!

This week we went to a knitting group that meets in the bookstore. Baxter was very happy to tag along and keep us company! I am happy that one of the knitters is also a chef! She brought an amazing tart and another knitter brought oatmeal cookies.
Alas. This city life is exhausting. I often find Baxter and Bessie the cow snuggled up and passed out. A lot of the time he even has his arm wrapped around her. So cute!

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