Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Culinary Adventures in Boston's South End

A friend of mine recently moved to Boston's South End. Today this provided an opportunity for culinary adventure! There are so many cute little cafes and foodie shops in the neighborhood! All are nestled between residential brownstones. There's something completely charming about the revitalized areas within rougher parts of Bean Town.
First a stop at the South End Buttery. There is a little cafe in one shop and a deli and bakery next door. I can attest that the hummingbird and the salted caramel cupcakes are delicious! The hummingbird cupcake was a banana bread base with cream cheese frosting. Definitely the favorite of the two. I recommend pairing either with an iced latte.

Next stop...Polka Dog Bakery. Have you ever been to a bakery just for dogs?!? Baxter would have been in hog heaven! It was probably more like a doggy candy store than a doggy bakery. Hard to describe how insanely awesome this place is for a dog. Some of the animal hide treats and random animal parts were pretty gross. Particularly the cow feet. Not just the the hoof, but the entire foot! Like something out of a horror movie, if you ask me. Baxter will NOT be getting one of those! I got him some little beef and oatmeal treats to take along on walks. Treats are a good distraction when other dogs are around. Let me rephrase. Treats are a critical distraction when other dogs are around. By the way, Baxter is back to his old self. Romin' and getting into things, and driving me bonkers in his own charming way.

The last stop on our culinary adventure was to South End Formaggio. This place is a gastronomical dream. Not surprisingly, cheese is the specialty. There are also salamis and other meats, olives, spices, fresh pastas, some baked goods, wines,  and olive oils. I was overwhelmed! How can you not want a little bit of everything in a shop like this? It's just as well that this shop is inconveniently located in relation to my apartment. If it were around the corner I would be fat and broke. I have no doubt that today is the first of many visits to the culinary world of Boston's South End. Pretty sure that everyone who comes to visit me hear will be subjected to a culinary tour in South End.

Have I mentioned that I love Boston?

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