Monday, September 19, 2011

Purse dump

Big hand bags rock, but can get loaded down so easily. Especially since mine is my "personal item" when I fly and my school bag during the week. All kinds of stuff ends up in there. My purse seemed crazy heavy lately, so I dumped everything out to see what was going on and this is what I found...

The following items don't need to be there:

3 koozies (2 were free last night at Central Market)
snacks from my flight 2 weeks ago
random jewelry
vegetable erasers
tickets from the Red's game we went to about 2 months ago
blister block
giant thing of Blink eye drops
Purdue window decals
3 dimes that can go in the change jar
stitch markers for my knitting
random post-it notes and receipts that can go in the trash

That should lighten the load! Big purses are great, but geesh...way too much stuff piles up in there. I should probably purse dump a little more often!


Angie said...

Purses are such a double edged sword - if you carry a small purse, you never have what you need and if you carry a big purse, you have too much of what you don't need!

eunice said...

Your mom can have anything she wants in her purse. We are older women and we can do what we want! SO THERE! hehehehe