Thursday, September 01, 2011

Birkenstocks need repair

My beloved Birks are shot. I bought them at the Birkenstock store in Dublin before this style was even popular. That was back in 2006, I think. Maybe 2007. The sole is wearing off and they don't look quite as nice anymore. For about $70 I could get a new pair. For $60 I can get them resoled at Resole America. I'm not trying to be cheap by saving $10. I just can't part with these shoes! They've been so many places with me. Here are a handful of pictures that brought back happy memories of my Euro days. In each picture, I either know I was wearing my Birks or you can see me wearing them. These pictures are in no particular order because Blogger isn't cooperating.
It was really warm for Oktobefest that year, so I was in my Birks the whole weekend. That was before I had a dirndl!
Wore them to Neuschwanstein Castle.
Wore them to the Paris Opera House when Mom and I went to the ballet.
Also wore them when Mom and I went to see Money's Garden in Giverny.
I bought my Birks right before my 2nd trip to Paris. We spent a lot of time wandering through little neighborhoods. Brand new Birks are not so comfortable, but the scenery was just lovely!

Obviously had them on while I was spacing out in Portugal. I think I got my hair cut that day too. Always risky getting your hair cut by someone who you can't communicate with very well! It turned out fine if I remember correctly!
So those are a few happy travel memories that don't even include all the more recent travels with these shoes. Hard to believe I've had them for at least 4 years. I can't possible through them away! So they are off to the Birkenstock hospital for a little face lift. In a 8-10 business days we'll be reunited and making more happy memories together.

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Paula @ said...

Such beautiful photos!! I'm glad your Birks are getting the repair and love they need.