Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Late post...this is from 8/27/06

I'm 26 now. Seems like a boring age. I had an exciting weekend though. Friday, Ryan and I went to Lafayette. We took Baxter to the dog park. Mom and her crew of dogs came too. It's pretty funny to watch all the dogs romp around together. After that we celebrated together at Krispy Kreme! There's not much better than fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme! Ryan and I got enough to have them again for breakfast in the morning. Mmmmm.

On Saturday, Ryan and I had a wonderful day with his sister and her family. His niece is adorable! We all went to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. There is a new glass fireworks exhibit there that is being advertised a lot. The exhibit was a little disappointing. The permanent sculpture in the middle of the museum is pretty spectacular though! My favorite exhibit was Sesame Street. Some days, I think I could listen to Sesame Street songs forever! Ha! I was reminded of all the records we had as kids. I'll have to dig those out someday.

Yesterday, my whole family got together at the river. Annie and Martin, AnnLaura and Juan, Mom and John and of course me and Ryan. Ryan already had given me a gorgeous necklace earlier. He picked the most elegant, white gold necklace. It's so special! Martin and Annie made a great cake. They put 4 numbers on the cake that all added up to 26. Isn't that clever? I think we're all looking forward to spending more time up at the river together.

This week is a packing week. I get distracted easily though. Now it's time to get moving! Take care!

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