Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Care packages galore!

I've been on the sending and receiving ends of care packages in the last couple weeks. Not sure why I can't be better about getting to the post office. It's so much fun sending little packages!

Here's a "box of sunshine" for my friend's brother. I hope you are keeping him I'm your prayers. Cancer is just the worst. I. Wrapped the shirt in orange paper, so when he opened the box it was all sunshine and happiness. The tape all over the box adds a nice touch, don't you think? 

The next package is going to another friend who is dealing with cancer. I hate cancer. I hope you will keep her in your prayers too. Her theme is pink elephants, and I just needed to bake some cookies. Smitten kitchen chocolate cookies are my favorite roll-out cookies, and besides...chocolate makes everything a little better.

I've gotten two care packages recently. One from my mom's friend, Karen. She surprised me with a skein of Loom Risoni silk yarn and a pattern to make a little scarf! 

The other is from my friend Alley! Look what she made me?!? This Christmas ornament will make me smile every year. 

What are your favorite things to drop in the mail to friends? Do share!

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