Saturday, September 01, 2012

Joining Clubs in Boston

I am now a member of 2 clubs. Two clubs that don't really exist, but if you are a member you make it pretty obvious. Obviously these clubs are not exclusive to Boston! Funny how we make statements, isn't it?

The Lululemon Bag Club

When you shop at Lululemon Athletica, you get a nice little reusable shopping bag. I see women all over with these bags. The bag says many things two main things.
"I workout."
"I spend too much money on workout gear."

This place has super cute stuff, but at outrageous prices. I can totally see what people buy it. Everything is so cleverly designed. I found a pair of cute girly compression shorts on clearance which made them a comparable price to most Nike or Under Armor shorts. These shorts have a few features that made me want them over a pair of el-cheapo compression shorts from Old Navy.

1. Not 1 pocket, but 5! Can you even imagine where to put 5 pockets in a pair of compression shorts? There is an outside pocket on each thigh, a zipper pocket across the back and 2 little pockets just inside the waste band.

2. They are just barely longer than compression shorts usually are. Hasn't anyone else noticed that the widest part of your thigh is often about an inch below where the compression shorts hit? I don't need old-school compression shorts that bring back bad memories of aerobics and spandex in the 80s. But shorts that actually cover the chafe zone would be nice.

3. There are little rubbery polka dots printed across the hips. Why? To help keep your t-shirt or tank top from riding up! I know every tank-top wearing running out there knows exactly what I'm talking about. You throw on a racer back tank top and 2 minutes into your run you're baring your midriff. You spend half your run pulling down your shirt.

I'm pretty excited because the store offers complementary classes. This month, there is an urban bootcamp every Thursday evening. Won't that be fun?!? Should kick my bootie into shape in no time!

Barefoot Running

I hadn't ever given it much thought until my brother told me that he had started barefoot running the other day. A friend who was in class with me this summer is also a fan. People swear by it. One of my friends and I were out shopping and found the Vibram store, so we went in and tried on the shoes. She's already read the book, Born to Run which evidently is what sells people on the shoes. I suppose it was a bit of an impulse buy for me, but I now have a pair of hot pink running shoes with toes. I'm following the guide book that came with the shoes. For the next couple of weeks I'll just wear the 1-2 hours a day while I do normal everyday activities. Plus they give a suggest list of foot strengthening activities to do each day. After over 10 years of dancing, the concept of really "using" my feet isn't new. It actually makes quite a bit of sense. We'll see how it goes. I'm kind of excited! Is anyone else doing the barefoot running thing? Let me know what you think!

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