Friday, September 07, 2012

Feeding frenzy for One!

My meal planning routine is taking a turn! I joined the Enterprise Farms fall CSA. Usually I do all my meal planning on Saturday or Sunday, but now I'll start on Thursday or Friday. Here's a picture of the box I got yesterday. Isn't that exciting?
At Trader Joes, they have good produce. There isn't much variety though and I found myself getting in a rut. Now I will have a surprise box to inspire my weekly meals. This week I have several red peppers, lovely tomatoes for slicing, 2 egg plants, baby bok choi, parsley for pesto possibly, kale, a bag of lettuce for salad, and a little watermelon. I think I'll try something like curried vegetables or some kind of Morocco inspired dish. The tomatoes I will probably eat like candy.

I've been following Kate over at 2 Kids and  a Minivan for quite some time. She recently started Fun Friday link ups. Conveniently, this is a perfect link up for my CSA post! This week's theme is "How do you feed your family?"

My family consists of me and Baxter. Baxter eats Call of the Wild brand salmon and veggie dog food. I tried to get him a cheaper food, but he wouldn't eat it. He also eats little bits of my left overs and I give him quite a bit of raw veggies.

For me, I usually try to cook 2-3 full out meals in a week, plus some lunch salads. Not always lettuce salads, but quinoa based salads with cucumber, avocado, tomato, etc. I could eat that stuff all the time! If I need variety, I'll make fancy grilled cheese, a frittata, or eat a bowl of cereal. Cooking for 1 person isn't really so hard if you just try to buy only enough food to make 2 real meals. I always keep sliced cheese, fruit, bread, crackers, milk, cereal, peanut butter, etc on hand. Any other meals can be made from whatever is in the fridge or pantry.

So that's how I feed myself. Abundance of veggies as an inspiration for 2-3 real meals and made everything else out of left overs and random pantry items. I waste precious little and rarely have to eat anything less than tasty!

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