Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I guess that right now I'm most thankful for being young. I doubt anyone likes to look at their investment portfolios and see the numbers jumping around mostly in the downward direction. Thankfully, I can grin and bare it knowing that I'm not retiring any time soon anyway! Whew! When it comes to the national economy crisis, there's really not much I can do. I can vote for folks I think will help, but even then there are a lot of confounders. I'm jumping on the self-help bandwagon! Paula over at Afford-Anything had a nice post about this the other day. She's a "firm believer that you should spend less time worrying about the nation’s finances and more time thinking about your personal pocketbook." So am I! A reader also mentioned Dave Ramsey. I can't say I have strong opinions about Dave. I've never read any of his books, but I've poked around on his web site. Whether you're a fan of his or not, he's inspired a lot of people to get the heck out of debt. Right now, he's got a whole campaign to encourage everyone to take personal responsibility for the financial situation: The Great Recovery.  Can't say I'll be buying a Great Recovery t-shirt or bumper sticker any time soon, but the campaign seems like a good idea. I'd be curious to know what other people think about the situation. I'd always like to think 1 person can make a difference! Especially if that one person encourages another person who encourages another person. If you're reading this, be that one more person!

And despite what we're hearing on the news, let's remember to be thankful! Reality is, we have it pretty good!

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