Friday, May 06, 2011

Half Marathon Tomorrow

My life is about to change. Tomorrow I will be running a half marathon and I'm completely freaking out. Running a half marathon is kinda monumental. At least it is for me! To say I've trained adequately is a bit of a stretch. I started out so good and then I went to those conferences and all my training went to pot. Then I got sick. Then I just got crazy busy. So I'm really going out on a limb tomorrow. I know I can run 8 miles. I'm pretty sure I can run 10 miles. I'm hoping that maybe possible by the grace of God I can run 13.2 miles!

My bag has about about 5 different running outfits because who knows what the weather is going to decide to do. Today there have been 3 different forecasts! Could be 50 and cloudy. Could be 50 and drizzle. Could be pouring rain. Here's hoping for 50 and cloudy. Thankfully I have a friend who will meet me at the finish line with a sweatshirt and a smile! Yay Rebecca! You're the best! I also have great friends who I hope to start the run with. Maybe I can keep up with them too! Anyway...wish me luck! I'm going to need it!

These are the things I will be telling myself throughout the race...
1. you can do this
2. one foot in front of the other
3. just because you can't run 13 miles doesn't mean you aren't in shape
4. you can run 13 miles
5. the quicker you run, the quicker it's over
6. at least you won't be the last person across the finish line
7. focus on your arms, not your legs

Did you know that I burn approximately 100 kcal for every mile I run? So tomorrow I will burn about 1300 kcal. That's like an entire Qdoba burrito with guacamole! Or a lot of ice cream! Or several beers! Or 10 cans of Coke.

Here's hoping that enthusiasm plus a lot prayer gets me across that finish line!


Rebecca said...

You and all our other friends running are going to be awesome tomorrow!! Just think about leaving some of your stress behind with each step, then you'll lighter and the miles will get easier!

mychirona said...

You can do this! You're also GUARANTEED a personal record! It's gonna feel so good after you finish knowing you in at least a small way, defied death by pounding the pavement for a serious distance!