Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My new NETGEAR wireless router won't connect to my iPhone (actually, it finally connected)

For the first time ever, my house has wi-fi! Kinda crazy, right? I mean really...who doesn't have wi-fi?!? I got a NETGEAR - RangeMax Dual-Band Wireless-N Router. The good news is it was super easy to set up. The bad news is my iPhone won't connect. I've been reading a few things online and I think I'll get it eventually, but it's starting to be a little more frustrating than it should be.

I feel like I've written about Best Buy a lot lately, so let me just say that Best Buy has no idea who I am. Truth be told, I generally don't like Best Buy all that much because of experiences like the one I'm about to tell you about. Last week I was at Best Buy putting a deposit on an iPad (still waiting by the way) and I decided to ask a sales person to tell me about wireless routers. The guy came over and I say something like, "I was hoping you could talk to me a little bit about wireless routers. I'd like to know what the difference is between them." Before I even finished with all of that, the guy picks up an $80 router. After I'm finished he tells me it's the one for me.

Umm....let's back track a minute...

I said I want to talk about the differences between the routers. I didn't say, please pick an expensive one and try to sell it to me. This story basically sums up my Best Buy experiences. I go in and some jerk tries to tell me why one certain product is what I need instead of just describing the products and letting me make an informed decision. For that reason, I have not shopped at Best Buy for a really really long time. The only reason I'm shopping there now is because I can get the best deal on what I am shopping for right now. For instance, the router I got was on some super sale online for $40 instead of $60 and free shipping. The set up was super easy, but I can't get my iPhone to connect. If anyone has a brilliant idea, let me know! I've tried all the usual fixes and they haven't worked yet. Sad. If it doesn't work with an iPad, the router is going back and I'm going to write a mean review!

This morning when I checked my phone, it asked for the wi-fi password. Not sure why the router needed to sleep on that decision, but it's working with my iPhone now, so all is well! No mean reviews.

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