Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Putting Pinterest to use: dinner this week and other ideas

There was a great story on NPR about Pinterest. Did you know Pinterest could rival Google as the next most useful search engine? While Google can show you web pages that include words about what you are looking for; all us crazy pinners are creating a crowd-sourced mega database of searchable le images. Fascinating how in our spare time, we have taken what started out as a digital bulletin board and turned it into a power house! Surely now you don't feel like Pinterest has been. Waste of time! 

I've been spending some time cleaning out my boards and reorganizing. I decided to start a new board that will only include recipes that I could make with stuff I have on hand. Me? Rationalize time on Pinterest? Nooooo. 

Tonight I was able to use up the last of the broccoli and made cheesy quinoa and broccoli patties. They weren't bad, but they need a little something. Could be something simple like salt, but I suspect a little more creativity with herbs and spices would take these babies up a notch. Any who...combined with a huge tomato from a colleague's garden and bam! Summer supper! 

I also saw an idea recently either somewhere on Pinterest or on thekitchn.com to make a "triage tray" in your fridge. Basically, the idea is to designate space in your fridge for stuff you want to use up before it goes bad. 
Such a simple idea might have saved the retried beans I threw in the trash tonight. I used a plastic placemat for my triage tray.  I'm thinking this zucchini noodle with tomatoes and balsamic glaze might be nice for dinner tonight! 
What's going to be on your table tonight? Any fun new recipes in the mix? What's your go-to summer supper?

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