Wednesday, November 09, 2011

New Adventure

The blogging hiatus was a necessary evil. Things have been pretty cRazY. Just a few things to fill you in...
  • I've worn a different pair of earrings every day since October 3. 
  • I had my first big interview. 
  • I haven't heard whether I will get the position or not, because our lovely Congress hasn't agreed on a national research budget yet. So annoying.
  • I went to a great conference in Baltimore where I tried clam chowder and lobster pot pie for the first time.
  • Our department head was inducted into the Institute of Medicine. Pretty big stuff!
  • Baxter and I both got hair cuts.
  • I managed to get an abstract in for the Experimental Biology conference.
  • I had a nervous break down that lead to a great night with friends at our favorite pub.
  • I knit a gorgeous sweater  for mom in 3 weeks. Knitting speed directly correlated with stress level. 
  • My niece called me Auntie for the first time! She held out for just shy of 4 whole years. 
  • Today I will see my entire family for said niece's birthday. Four is pretty big, you know!
  • Tomorrow I will spend a whoppin' 10 hours on an airplane. Hawaii or bust!
Yup, leaving for Hawaii tomorrow, and I will be there for a month. Time to put the pedal to the metal and get this dissertation done. Finishing a dissertation is never fun, but I'm pretty sure Oahu will be a wee bit more scenic than my office. We used to have a window picture frame with a beach scene behind it, but we don't even have that much scenery down here anymore. I'll try to be better about keeping you all posted on any adventures I have while I'm there.

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