Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kids these days...

Nothing too exciting to report from Australia. I explored a little this morning, got really tired, and went back to the conference for the afternoon. After all, that's why I'm here! Anyway, I decided to post funny pictures from the day we left.

Ever wonder what happens when you give a kid an iPad? A lot more than you might ever imagine. There's a reason most gadgets come with a quick start up guide and no actual instruction manual. Gadgets are intuitive, and kids will proove it every time. I let me nephews play with my iPad the other day. They figure out everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!!! My one year old nephew figured out real fast how to play the xylophone. And by that I mean he figured out that if he pressed the home button, the app went away and he figured out which app to open so he could play more. Yowzers!

My 4 yr old nephew figured out the Cut the Rope game and got to level 22. Jerk! Pretty sure I've only ever gotten to level 10. Boy did I feel dumb! He really took to the camera. I started with about 12 pictures and ended up with over 350! Here are a few of the moments he captured. We were all laughing like crazy.

Muscle man!

Pearly whites!


Too cool for school.

I think it's hilarious that he took a picture with the iPad of his little brother messing with the iPhone.

Don't you wish there were 2 of him?!?!?

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